T H E   C H U R C H

We are a church that believes in Jesus & loves God and people

We are a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people.
Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship,
are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth.
We are a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people.
W H A T   W E   D O 

Our Mission


Serve the Church

Our weekday and weekend gatherings take many people to make them work, from ushers
to greeters, youth and adult group leaders, care ministry workers and everywhere in-between.

Serve the City

We seek and are committed to building
relationships and have intentional and strategic partnerships where we can work alongside the work God is already doing in our city.

Serve the World

We believe God has called us to be a church that follows Him by turning our hearts and focus to global communities by serving our neighbors where they are.
S T A Y   T U N E D   F O R   T H E
Revelation 5:9 gives us a glimpse of the throne room of God in the last day – a multitude of people gathered together to worship him from every tongue, tribe and nationality. This is what has informed our desire to provide a multi-cultural and multi-generational setting in Uptown where people from every tongue, tribe and nationality can gather together to worship God. Please join us in making this vision a reality.


Tony Oliha

Lead Pastor
F R O M   T H E   B L O G

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Address: 810 W 31st Street, Minneapolis MN 55408 

Phone: 651-230 0459

Email: info@regentsassembly.org