Our Response to the Death of George Floyd

Regents Assembly of Christ leadership joins the Minneapolis community to mourn the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, at the hands of a Minneapolis Police Officer on Monday, May 25th, 2020.  We are also grieved by the destruction that has been happening in our community because of Mr. Floyd’s unfortunate death.

As men and women of the Christian faith, we have a spiritual and moral responsibility to the welfare of our community.  We stand for peace in Minneapolis and beyond, and are determined not just to preach about it, but to demonstrate our faith by seeking and pursuing peace (Psalm 34:14).  As our communities seek justice we pray for unity, and wisdom for our leaders including  Governor Tim Walz, Mayor Jacob Frey, Mayor Melvin Carter, and other community leaders.  We are also thankful for the men and women in uniform that serve our communities with integrity.

Regents Assembly of Christ offers a safe environment for prayers, worship, and spiritual support always, and especially during these difficult times.  Members of Regents Assembly partner with Joy Community Services to distribute food to the needy in the community, every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from 10AM to Noon. 

We pray that the Lord comforts the family of George Floyd and that in His mercy the systematic injustice that so many in our community experience will be addressed and the words of Isaiah will become true for us – “No longer will violence be heard in our land, nor ruin or destruction within our borders, but we will call our walls Salvation and our gates Praise.” (Isaiah 60:18).